“Sky view of a beach”

“Sky View of a Beach” (premiered on December 29, 2021) is an artistic creation in the neorealist style (among the Art Nouveau styles).
In this creation, I imagined a view from a great height in the atmosphere, where I look at the earth and savor the beauty of its nature.
In this imagined image, there is a whole solid and static whole (rocks, sand, …), a fluid and dynamic whole (sea water with its waves), and a living whole (plants …). The homogeneity and intersection of elements and colors represent the internal subordination and coexistence of natural systems on Earth.
The allure of reality, the modern painting style and touches of impressionism make this work exceptional

“Sky view of a beach” (12/2021), by ALOZADE Ahmed

Detail 1
Detail 2

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  1. thank you very much my dear friend Christine. 😊
    you have good artistic taste and easily discover my thoughts while painting. Happy new year 2022

  2. Incredibly vivid painting, Ahmed. Abstract, but true to form. It gives a feeling of peacefulness with a touch of excitement. Nicely done. 🥳🎶 Christine

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